Boston 2021

We’re building a culture, where we simply don’t care about people as much as we care about our own self preservation.

I had an appointment this morning to get a rapid covid test for work. The center was a 20 minute walk from my apartment through which would typically be the busiest part of Boston. On this Monday morning at 8am, I passed exactly 26 people. Of those 26 people, only 2 met my eye contact. TWO! I wasn’t even trying to force my normal good mornings or cause someone to react to a friendly wave. I was looking for someone to meet my eye contact.

If you asked strangers on the street ‘Do you care about people? Is that a…

Today. The last time I felt joy was today, is today. The thing about joy is I believe it to be a state of being. I choose to live in joy. I choose to have joy be a thread that connects the moments of my life together. Joy isn’t just happiness. Joy isn’t all good. Joy is resilient happiness. Knowing that no matter what everything is ok, it’s choosing to find a silver lining. It’s that feeling when you feel full. Ya know what I mean? Like those moments that hit you and you just feel full of life. Brings…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately if I’m a good enough person. And mostly trying to understand what good enough means for me. There’s a lot I don’t know and understand about this world.

Am I doing enough to learn and try and better understand what I don’t know?

There’s a lot of life that’s been easy to me because of my white privilege. And with that, a lot I accept as normal, because it is my normal, but that doesn’t mean it’s everyones.

Am I doing enough to help those that weren’t gifted that like I was.

Am I…

Erin Bailey

writing my first book on community. balancing startup life @beam. often running.

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